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How do I know if I need a consultant? Do you find yourself struggling with marketing your business? Than a consultant may be right for you. Our initial meeting is free, we can determine if consulting is right for you. Many businesses in today's competitive markets think they need to hire a full time employee to do their marketing. But that means a salary, benefits, if your business isn't ready to handle an additional employee, consulting may be the perfect fit.

What can I expect from consulting services? First I assess your current marketing plan. Don't have one? No worries, we can work together to identify your needs and the staff you currently have that can handle them or if a more comprehensive management plan may work. Consulting services work like concierge, we make it work via email or phone for your business up to 1 hour per week. I also perform monthly audits of your marketing performance for us to reassess your needs in a dynamic way.

How much does marketing consulting services cost? Our initial assessment meeting is free. Moving forward monthly plans start at $300 per month. You also receive discounts on Branding Photography Sessions as a consultant client.

Do I have to enter a monthly consulting contract? I organize consulting by your needs. We first meet for a session to explore if you need long term consulting. 

How can I learn more about consulting services? Please reach out to schedule a meeting or call to learn how my consulting services can impact your business. 

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Tel: 570-709-8962

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