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Personal Branding Photography

Why is Branding Photography so important? Whether you are a personal brand, or the face of your company it is important that you make sure you are attracting your perfect customer. Branding photography helps customers recognize you. A picture is worth a thousand words, begin using photos to build your digital footprint.

How much does Branding Photography cost? A branding photography session costs $500. But please contact me if interest in group sessions or any custom photography needs for your business. Discounts are also available for marketing consulting clients.

What will I receive with my Branding Photography Session? You will receive your images digitally in an arrangement of sizes for use on Social Media and your website. You also have permissions for digital and print use of all your images. And we don't mind if you share them and tell people where you got them! 

You will receive 15 - 20 images sized according to your needs. Your edited images will be delivered digitally within two weeks of your branding photography session.

Where can I have my photos taken? Your session can be shot where you brand is best represented. Whether it's in your office, the park, at the lake. (Costs occur for travel over 50 miles).

How long does a session usually take? Dependent on wardrobe shooting takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

How can I learn more about the importance of Branding Photography? Please reach out to schedule a meeting or call to learn how branding photography can impact your business. 

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