Welcome to Social Graces, my little corner of the world.

Sometimes two is the loneliest number. At 33 years old, I experienced the news that children are not in my future. This little corner of the world used to serve as my way to serve the world through sharing my career advice, and my adventures with my amazing husband, Michael, and our four legged side kick, Scottie.  Fast forward to life at 35, with the blessing of an unexpected sweet little girl, Parker Penelope! Life serves us in unique ways, and I am not excited to not only carry on business as usual, but to share my struggles and wins as a new mom. 

What Social Graces means?  Every where you turn are resources for busy working moms, or stay at home moms, but for us ladies that love our childless lives there is no where to celebrate us. How I feel two (and now three!) is the perfect number. Everyone needs to have compassion for one another. 

No matter our path in life, dress fabulous and let's practice some social graces.

I recently left my amazing life as retail Marketing Director!

Yes, I got to spend my whole day inside malls, searching for the newest trends, styling for amazing brands, and meeting some incredible people along the way. I was the guru of gift giving occasions, getting sneak peeks of what's to come for the next season sometimes long before it hits the shelves! But I decided to change from my professional mall rat life, to the non-profit world. Taking a position as a Regional Director for my area's Girl Scout Council.

It's been a whirlwind of change! But the one thing I am seeing even more clear, the power of marketing and brand image. It really translates across all industries and the necessity to focus it is essential for any endeavor. I love branding everything Girl Scouts! From Cookies to G.I.R.L. power it is a new and exciting challenge to help show my team the value I bring with my social media experience and choice quirky branding!

-Amanda xoxo

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