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How do I know if I need media management services? Are you consistently asking yourself how do people make social media turn covert to sales and customers? Do you feel like you don't even know where to begin or are struggling with how to brand your social or even what type of content to create? Or do you simply not have the time for social media but aren't quite ready to hire an employee to do it? Well that's what we do! Allow me to create your social content with a consistent brand presence.

What can I expect from management services? Just like with consulting, first I assess your current marketing plan. Don't have one? No worries, we can work together to identify your needs and create a plan of consistent brand posting of 3-5 posts per week on your social media channels. I take the photos and write the copy, you can forget about the rest. A bit part of management services is that you need to know what's working! Management services include monthly reporting to industry standards of your social channels.

How much does social media management cost? Our initial assessment meeting is free. Moving forward monthly plans start at $750 per month. You also receive discounts on Branding Photography Sessions as a consultant client.

How can I learn more about social media management? Please reach out to schedule a meeting or call to learn how my consulting services can impact your business. 

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