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The Power of ALT Text with Instagram

Many of you marketing veterans know all about ALT text, how to use it, and the power it has in expanding your content's reach. But did you know the availability to use in Instagram? Let's chat about it....

Alt text is short for 'alternative text' and is a description of your digital images. It is important for visually impaired users, as screen readers pick up these descriptions, and if your image doesn't load users will see the alt text description.

WHY IS IT HUGE? Alt text powers your SEO, and that's right- SEO has hit Instagram. Instagram's alt text was made available in 2019, but it is still shocking how many accounts are not utilizing this feature. I am going to show you how to use and share my best practices!

Best Practices

Writing alt text for Instagram is really the same as writing alt text anywhere else. Be descriptive but concise! I always say just imagine you were describing the image in one sentence!

  1. Describe your image, what is visually there and what is the message

  2. Keep it to 125 characters or less

  3. Never use this is a photo of or this image features...

  4. Utilize keywords naturally and preferentially to that message and mirror in your post caption

  5. DO NOT keyword cram, just don't!

How to Add Alt Text in Instagram

1. Click Advanced Settings in your post

2. Write Alt Text

You can even go back and edit previous posts to add alt text! So, what are you waiting for???



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