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True Life Confession: I'm Organized

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

So many of you know I am not a "planner." I like to live life by the seat of my pants (in case you haven't read Why a 5 Year plan is Bullshit). It's a little shocking when I tell people I am organized. I like everything in it's neat little box, and let me tell you it helps to let life happen the way it should! Being organized allows me to be present because it lessens distractions.

I know what you're thinking, "You're organized, so what?" or "Screw you, I don't have time to get organized!" But recently I shared with my co-workers one of my crazy little organization quirks, and they urged me to share exactly HOW it is I am organize. They tried it out and loved it! Let me break it down...

I love wine! I have found that if I can incorporate drinking a glass of Prosecco in a fancy flute, it becomes something I look forward to. I think you know where this is going... So I just make organizing for the week a glamorous task that I actually get excited about.


Every Sunday afternoon I totally unwind- how is the magical part, I start by pouring myself a nice glass of wine, lighting a candle, turning on music, easy right. Then I pull out my clothing steamer, ironing board, iron, and begin organizing all of my clothes for the week!

I know it sounds crazy to that this chore is how I unwind and relax, but my life isn't that exciting. If you begin to make things a glamorous "ritual" rather than a chore it becomes something you actually love doing. It helps that I love fashion and my closet is like my safe place. I like to think of it as styling myself and I really make this "me time." My husband doesn't distract me, sometimes Scottie joins in- I dance around the room thinking about all the beautiful outfits I am going to adorn this week. I even keep a couple back up outfits steamed or pressed at all times just in case I am not feeling it or the weather changes. I plan it out down to bras, and accessories!

Being prepared for the week helps me sleep in an extra 10, or fit in my morning workout. Just knowing that I am not going to stand in my closet staring at my wardrobe for an undetermined amount of time each morning helps me sleep at night. If I have a really fabulous outfit planned for the next day I look forward to it, hence looking forward to getting up in the morning. In this one little step of preparing myself for the week it's like it has this incredible domino effect over my mood and outlook going into Monday.

Our minds and moods are tricky things, if you believe that getting organized is a glamorous ritual rather than a chore, your mind will begin to believe you! So get it girl- I hope you can adopt this in your own way and I can help your week go a little smoother.

~ No matter our path in life, dress fabulous and let's practice some social graces.

Amanda xoxo



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