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5 Tips for the Average Instagrammer

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Alright Ladies, I have heard you! I know that I haven't been sharing a lot of the marketing insides that I do over on my Instagram (@survivingadult). So I thought I would bring it full circle and give you my 5 must haves for growing a brand on IG!

1. POST!

I know that this is the obvious- but you are hearing it everywhere and it rings true, authenticity is the beauty of Instagram. Not every photo needs to be perfectly manicured! I live by progress over perfection and that should rule your IG tiles as well. But when we are talking posting, shy away from text over photos. Think about what you like to view, it's not a flash sale text over product photos, the comments live for a reason keep the text there.

2. Bio

Keep you bio tidy and to the point. Do not clutter with 20 hashtags and a million emojis. Let people know who you are, what you do, and how you serve your audience.

3. Tell a Story

Instagram stories can live as the behind the scenes- use them! This is where your flash sale can live and have room to breath. Overall stories are a great way to gain attention from your current audience and to attract new followers to your tribe. Show off that new outfit, tag that sunset, run that poll, let everyone have a peak behind the curtain!

4. Listen

This is exactly why I am writing this... if you can listen to your followers and serve them you will win. Social Media is all about growing your community and reaching others with what you do. I am a Creative Director, most of the questions people ask in my DM's are to share marketing tips. It's not an insider secret, share and serve what you know and love.

Exploring hashtags is basically my favorite past time. We have all gone down a rabbit hole, be present in areas related to you and your business by using hashtags. Don't clutter your post with the general tags like #photographer #monday these tags are cluttered and over used. Use hashtags that are relevant geographically and to your niche.

~ No matter our path in life, dress fabulous and let's practice some social graces.



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