Ultimate Ulta Haul, All This Only $26

If you shop like me -- you need to make shopping pay. I don't have time or the patience for couponing. I need to be rewarded quickly, I need to understand it, and I need it to be easy. I mean I know I should have all the time in the world since I don't have children, but that is still the one luxury that still escapes me.

So how do I get a haul like this for just $26?

First you must belong to Ultamate Rewards -- now I have been a member of this program for years and to be honest, when I sign up for something like this I don't read a damn thing. So let me unlock the secrets for you. Before I began making this program work for me I used to shop, fairly regularly, and when an associate would mention at check out "Would you like to use your $13 in rewards?" I would be ecstatic and eagerly agree. Let me tell you, bad choice. Let me also just mention I am not sponsored or paid by Ulta in anyway for this! Just a fan!

How to get the ultimate haul!

1. Stack rewards until you reach 2000.

See if you have 1000 rewards points, it equals $50 in store spend. But when you have 2000 reward points it equals $125 in store spend! It's like an extra $25 right off the bat

2. Earn points faster

Depending on how much you shop at Ulta (which you will probably start shopping more once you understand how to earn more!) You can earn points faster. As a basic member you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in the store, pretty easy, but your points expire too. Once you jump to Platinum (which is $450 spend in a calendar year, not hard to do!) you earn 1.25 points for every $1 and your points never expire. Lastly when you jump to Diamond ($1200 spend in a calendar year) you earn 1.5 points for every $1 you spend.

3. Stock up in your Birthday Month

During your birthday month you get 2x the points. So if you are a Diamond Member you earn 3 points for every $1 you spend!

4. Download the app

If you download the Ulta app, you can monitor your messaging and get bonus reward offers on brands or categories. For example "Earn 5x points on Clinique" so if you use Clinique products again you can earn more so if you're Diamond you actually would receive 7.5 points for every $1 you spend.

Beginning to see how reaching 2000 points really isn't that hard?

5. Ulta Mastercard

If you use the Ulta MasterCard you then receive 2x the points on every in store purchase. With bonus categories throughout the year on outside purchases like gas, restaurants, similar to other credit card programs.

6. Double Dip

I almost exclusively shop at Ulta in my mall, Viewmont Mall, if you're local to Scranton. Why? Well I double dip. I am a member for the mall reward program PREIT Perks, which rewards shoppers for spending anywhere in the mall. Earning $10 reward cash for every $250 you spend. So enrolling my Ulta MasterCard in this program not only do I earn through Ultamate rewards but also earn cash back from the mall!

So sit back and start earning free cash on all the beauty addictions your heart desires.

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