My tee on denim

I am a pretty fashionable gal, and from the standards of Northeast Pennsylvania, a bit of a fashionista. I love to indulge in luxe handbags and shoes, I splurge on pricey blouses, and I melt for an incredible dress. I love to mix in trendy pieces from the price conscious brands of H&M and Forever 21 (as you can see in Spring Fashion Picks for Less), I can't live without my extremely affordable white vans, and I am a sucker for a great staple from The Gap. I get stopped on a pretty regular basis by complete strangers asking where they can scoff up my digs, and I love to help them score on the latest trends. I mean I've made a career of marketing malls, it's my duty to connect a kind person to the fashions of their dreams. I am quite literally a walking talking billboard for the brands and stores I shop.

So here's my tee on denim-- I actually shocked my co-workers today with my go to collection. It's my fave denim, that comes in every color, I've been wearing since I was 16 years old and they never disappoint.

I literally almost exclusively wear American Eagle Outfitters jeans. They are the quintessential brand that we 30-somethings have grown up with and they have remained relevant. They are affordable and get better with age. Now I have tried them all from $20-$250 with many still looming in my closet that I can't bear to give away. But AEO are my absolute, hands down favorites (and as you can see I own just about every shade). I straddle the "plus size" line in the sand as a size 12/14, which is wonderful as I can wear most fashions from the standard sizing brands and most fashions from plus size collections. So I have put jeans on one leg at a time from all the greats... I still reach for these every time I am in my closet.

So if you haven't stopped in the nostalgic storefronts of our teens, I recommend you revisit the brand and fall in love all over again.


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