Recommitting to Fitness... Again! Part 2

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Small steps. So I decided to start like so many before me with small steps, and I am going to start with just daily walks! Yes, if you read Part 1 you know that this used to be my nightmare. But I think that committing to something that I know I can make time for at the moment, hoping that once I establish a time for fitness that I can add to my routine!

Small Victory

I am celebrating the small victory of this weekend! In my commitment, I made some progress by going for my walk in the rain! I would never workout outside, jog, walk, what have you, in not so optimal weather in the past. Even when I would run outside on the reg, if it was too cold, too hot, rainy, sticky, I would never go for it.

With my recommitment I have decided that unless it is literally dangerous outside, I will go for it everyday this week. I am incredibly proud of myself and in just this small teeny tiny victory I feel like I have overcome a huge hurdle for myself!

I started working with a group on Facebook to adapt the 2B Mindset through the Beach Body program to work on my eating habits. This weekend, completed my walk everyday, and tracked my diet with the program! I am pumped! Check out how pretty our little neighborhood is in the rain.

I want to lean on sharing and tips from my squad out there on how to make small adaptions to my schedule at a time for health and fitness. What works for you? Please let me know, let's get this party started in the comments below!

~ No matter our path in life, dress fabulous and let's practice some social graces.


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