Luxury Beauty Experience in Scranton for under $100

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

I know it's hard to believe without children that I still want to be pampered, or maybe all I want is to be pampered. LOL

But I enjoy a quick luxury beauty experience -- KEYWORD quick. I often times skip on my love of mani pedis or a regular massage and facial simply because I do not have hours to take for myself. No matter how much I enjoy the experience I just can't find the time.

But with my recent health issues and hormone imbalances I have developed a bit of adult acne. It's difficult to cope with because although I have had weight issues, and body image issues, one thing I have never experience is a skin problem. So I have found myself in need of a routine facial and skincare regimen I never had to work with before.

So how do I fit it in? Ever heard of a skincare lounge? Well it's perfect! And I found one right here in Scranton! The Beauty Mark in downtown Scranton offers quick on the go facials, make up application, and luxury organic skincare. For someone like me, or a busy mom (no haters), it is the perfect compromise.

Not in Scranton? No worries I have also called upon my girls at Ulta! Many Ulta locations offer 30 minute Dermologica Facials! Who would have known? It's definitely not quite the luxury experience like a boutique skincare lounge (being in the store and under florescent lights) it does meet the quick and easy criteria!

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