6 Lipsticks for Spring. All Under $8.

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Essential lip colors for all skin tones this spring! And you can find them all for just $8 at Sephora.


The packaging is cardboard to keep costs so low, but the quality is amazing! For just $8 you can buy every color. I love these to just throw in my purse and at the cost if it happens to get ruined I won't cry like I do with some of their pricey counterparts.

6 top picks for Spring 2018

1. Story #36 Spring Break- perfectly pink tinted nude with satin finish to pair with dramatic eyes.

2. Story #21 Pineapple Express- bright pop of color looks amazing as a stand out with natural eyes.

3. Story #9 Tan Lines- basic nude paired with dramatic eyes and a statement necklace is on point for Spring.

4. Story #4 Somewhere in Spain- ultra light nude satin is so fresh and can be worn with just about anything.

5. Story #39 Desert Trip- purple satin for your festival perfection or at the office if you're a little extra like me.

6. Story #28 Popsicle Lips- this red is the Taylor Swift worthy swooning shade for any occasion.

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