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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Remember when you were thirteen and going to the mall was like enter the gates to an oasis? It was your heaven of lipglosses, Cinnabon, and food court pizza. Armed with twenty bucks, your fave "body splash," gum, and freedom you roamed the halls like you owned the place. Since I am a senior millennial (yes, my own term) my mom would let my friends and I free while she pursued magazines at Walden Books. If you can even remember mall book stores.

Imagine if you could have done this everyday? Well I have turned this mecca of dreams into my career! I am a mall Marketing Director and it's a pretty crazy ride!

Although I spent an eternity in retail I myself didn't even realize that this position existed, many people still don't and even less understand it. When I try to explain my job to people I am mostly met with questions like, "Do you just shop all day?" Men always comment "That would be my wife's dream job," to which I usually get annoyed. This has taken me years of hard work, and tons of marketing and retail experience to get to this place in my career. The job requirements don't read "do you like to shop, do you like to go to the mall." It's this unique little marketing niche that often times puts my in the right place at the right time for incredible sales, sweet deals, and believe me I have mastered every shopping hack. But it also takes a lot of time, late nights, weekends, and dedication. Yes, I get to spend my whole day inside malls, searching for the newest trends, styling for amazing brands, and meeting some incredible people along the way. I get to be the guru of gift giving seasons, get sneak peeks of what's to come for the next season sometimes long before it hits the shelves! And I want to share my life as a professional mall rat.

It goes a little something like this:

(P.S. This was my first YouTube video ever. They have come a long way, but I still also have a long way to go).

No matter your path in life dress fabulous, and let's practice some social graces.

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